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2013 Chutzpah! Festival presents SHOFAR and Olga Mieleszczuk Ensemble double bill

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2013 Chutzpah! presents SHOFAR and the Olga Mieleszczuk Ensemble A Music Double Bill Monday, February 25, 2013 at 7:30 pm

By searching for a common denominator between Hasidic music and free jazz, SHOFAR carries on many of the Jewish musical traditions still alive today. Performed by three leading Polish musicians, MikoŁaj Trzaska (saxophone, bass clarinet), Raphael Rogiñski (electric guitar) and Macio Moretti (drums), SHOFAR’s repertoire features a broad spectrum of music inspired by the discovery of a collection of Hasidic songs by Moshe Bieregowski (1892-1961) who researched Jewish music in Ukraine, Poland and Moldova.

As composers and performers: Raphael Rogiñski has focussed on jazz-influenced improvisation and folk music; MikoŁaj Trzaska explores new wave, free jazz, modern rock and poetry; and Macio Moretti covers grind/punk, twisted country and western, improv, psychedelic and pseudojazz. Olga Mieleszczuk is a singer, accordion player and researcher of Eastern European musical folklore. Her work has focussed on Jewish music of Ashkenazi roots, particularly from the borderlands of Poland (Galitzia, Polesye) and is inspired by the musical repertoire of Mariam Nirenberg, a Jewish folk singer born in the borderland region of Poland.

“The multilingual and multicultural nature of Mieleszczuk’s repertoire is typical of the eclecticism of traditional Jewish singers in Eastern Europe. Her repertoire is a... delicate balance between intercultural contact and cultural independence...” (Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research)

Adults $30.24 + $4.25 s/c
Seniors $25.76 + $4.25 s/c
Students $20.16 + $3.75 s/c

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