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2017 Chutzpah!PLUS presents Birds Sing A Pretty Song

Photo credit: Maxx Berkowitz

2017 Chutzpah! Festival Present birds sing a pretty song

birds sing a pretty song,  created by Rebecca Margolick and Maxx Berkowitz,  is a full evening dance piece interwoven with live music and responsive video. Dancer/choreographer Margolick and dancer Chuck Wilt join forces with composer/guitarists Berkowitz and Jake Klar, drummer Bruno Esrubilsky and Israeli author and historian Ruby Namdar.  The audience follows the two dancers wanderings through a world manipulated and influenced by the "curators" (the three live musicians) and projected light structures that move and direct the world onstage. Tied in with sound and video reactive visuals, the piece explores how surveillance and confinement through our digital and physical surroundings affect one’s sense of reality. (USA/Canada)


Adult $36.46
($30.97 + $5.49 s/c)

Senior $32.97
($27.82 + $5.15 s/c)

Student $29.47
($24.67 + $4.80 s/c)

5 Dance Pack $28.94 (Must buy tickets to all 5 dance shows)
($24.15 + $4.79 s/c)

Chutzipack $29.73 (Must buy tickets to 4 different shows)
($24.67 + $5.06 s/c)

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