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2017 Chutzpah! Festival presents Lyla Canté

Photo credit: William Sapienta

2017 Chutzpah! Festival presents: Lyla Canté

Thursday, March 9, 2017  8:00pm

A Jewish Cantor meets a Gypsy Flamenco guitarist.  Sparks fly. They add percussion, a Blues guitarist, a Rock & Roll bassist and Lyla Canté is born. Amazing world musicians from NYC, Argentina, Japan and Israel explore the intersection of Sefardi, Flamenco & Ashkenazi music.
New York City based Lyla Canté makes music that is sensuous, passionate & infectious.

Featuring: singer Alty Weinreb (Israel), flamenco guitarist Cristian Puig (Argentina), bassist Yonit Spiegelman (Israel), guitarist Adam Stoler (USA) and percussionist Hiroyuki Matsuura (Japan)


Adult $36.46
($30.97 + $5.49 s/c)

Senior $32.97
($27.82 + $5.15 s/c)

Student $29.47
($24.67 + $4.80 s/c)

Chutzipack $29.73 (Must buy tickets to 4 different shows)
($24.67 + $5.06 s/c)

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