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REQUIOS, Okinawan Kodama: A Celebration of the Heart, Soul and Spirit

Friday, August 4, 2017  7:30pm

The Playhouse
600 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

For the first time in Vancouver, a unique and vibrant presentation of Eisa drum-dancing by REQUIOS will be performed at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre on August 4th, 2017.

Eisa is a form of folk dance and drumming originating in the Okinawan islands of Japan. Originally, Eisa dance began in the mid-17th century as nenbutsu (chanting) songs, performed at the Bon Festival (the Buddhist All Souls’ Day) as a way to honour the spirits of one’s ancestors. Since their origins, both have seen many changes. After the Second World War numerous Eisa festivals were organized to energize younger generations and uplift the community spirit. 

REQUIOS, an Okinawan performing group known for its dynamic and original presentations, is inspired by traditional folk tales and music. A non-profit society that has travelled to over a dozen countries worldwide in last 20 years, REQUIOS’ mission is to share this unique style of drum-dancing, Eisa and their Okinawan heritage. Their to sharing culture through performance promises an energetic and colourful show, which includes not only drumming, but traditional music, Ryukyu Buyo (traditional Okinawan dance) and lion dancing (shishimai).  You can see more at their website.

Along with the REQUIOS Concert, there will be some panel displays featuring: a history of Okinawan immigration to Canada, the history of Eisa, and the Worldwide Eisa Festival in Okinawa, all in the theater lobby.

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Adult $31.75
($25 + $4 s/c + $2.75 FF)
Student/Senior $26.50
($20.00 + $3.75 s/c + $2.75 FF)
Children under 12 $18.50
($15.00 + $3.75 s/c)

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