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The Dance Centre presents the 11th biennial Dance In Vancouver

The Dance Centre presents

The 11th biennial

Wednesday-Saturday November 22-25, 2017

Scotiabank Dance Centre
677 Davie St, Vancouver

The 11th biennial Dance In Vancouver celebrates the energy and innovation of our contemporary dance scene: join us for four days of performances, showcasing some of British Columbia’s most exciting companies and artists.

Performance schedule:

Wen Wei Dance Dialogue
Wednesday November 22, 8pm

Meredith Kalaman Femme Fatales (excerpt)
Ziyian Kwan/dumb instrument Dance Kwan Yin
Thursday November 23, 8pm

Karen Jamieson/Karen Jamieson Dance & Margaret Grenier/Dancers of Damelahamid
light breaking broken
Lesley Telford/Inverso Spooky Action at a Distance (Phase One)
Friday November 24, 8pm

Julianne Chapple + Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien + Marissa Wong + Shay Kuebler
Saturday November 25, 1pm

Aeriosa Second Nature (excerpt)
Co.ERASGA Tracing Malong
Saturday November 25, 8pm

$32 regular/any 2 shows for $50
$24 students and seniors
$24 CADA members (code required)
$20 Dance Centre members (code required)

Wen Wei Dance Dialogue
Wednesday November 22, 8pm

Communication and the human need to connect inspire Dialogue, created by Wen Wei Wang for six powerful and expressive male dancers. Based on his personal experience as a non-English speaking immigrant to Canada, the work expresses our basic desire to be understood, and the loneliness when connections with others are not achieved. Wang combines sophisticated and highly physical choreography with striking design and compelling music, in an enthralling and deeply emotional performance.

Meredith Kalaman
Femme Fatales (excerpt)
Ziyian Kwan/
dumb instrument Dance Kwan Yin
Thursday November 23, 8pm

Contemplative and entrancing, Kwan Yin is danced by choreographer Ziyian Kwan with her 78-year-old father Lihuen Kwan, and features live music by cellist Peggy Lee. The piece is rooted in Buddhist thought and philosophy, and provides a poignant reflection on the love and compassion between a parent and child.

Meredith Kalaman’s Femme Fatales takes a poetic and thought-provoking look at gender socialization, tracing historically gender-defined roles as far back as the witch-hunts of the past, to question their impact on inherited behaviours today. The work is eloquently performed by three versatile female dancers, with a commissioned score by Stefan Smulovitz.

Karen Jamieson/Karen Jamieson Dance & Margaret Grenier/
Dancers of Damelahamid
light breaking broken
Lesley Telford/Inverso 
Spooky Action at a Distance (Phase One)
Friday November 24, 8pm

Karen Jamieson and Margaret Grenier’s intimate light breaking broken is a personal journey by two artists reconnecting with language, culture, and identity. With different perspectives and individual histories, they use their distinct dance styles to push each other’s boundaries and forge a luminous path to understanding.

Spooky Action at a Distance is inspired by Einstein’s famous phrase referring to particles that are so closely linked, they share the same existence. Lesley Telford’s imaginative collaboration with poet Barbara Adler blends spoken word and intricately beautiful choreography, to extend the theory to human connections in our phenomenally interconnected world.  

Julianne Chapple + Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien + Marissa Wong  + Shay Kuebler

Saturday November 25, 1pm

Julianne Chapple’s trio Self Portrait is a complex and subtle study of identity and female self-image, drawing on depictions of women in art and the relationship with the spectator.

Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien’s duet 8bitself meditates on abstract gesture. The performers move with hypnotic precision through a series of sculptural movements, punctuated by vivid sound and projections by multimedia artist Remy Siu.

A collaboration with musician Jamie Bradbury, Marissa Wong/TWObigsteps collective’s Surrendurance investigates social behaviour as a series of complex patterns, and themes of spontaneity versus control, in a fluent and elegant work for five dancers.

Shay Kuebler/Radical System Art’s solo Feasting on Famine (excerpt) traces one man’s journey through the extremes of bodybuilding and health fitness, exploring the symmetry between the human body, the corporation, and the excesses of capitalism.

Aeriosa Second Nature (excerpt)
Co.ERASGA Tracing Malong
Saturday November 25, 8pm

Renowned for thrilling aerial dance works which blend art, environment and adventure, Aeriosa’s latest creation is inspired by bamboo, both as a substance and a metaphor. Second Nature brings together a cast of fearless dancers and an original score by Jordan Nobles, tracing a path through shifting perspectives.

Co.ERASGA's Alvin Erasga Tolentino pays homage to his Filipino roots in Tracing Malong. A traditional fabric with many uses in daily life, the malong is at the heart of this dreamlike ensemble work, which explores multi-layered themes of history, culture, identity, and the relationship between tradition and the contemporary world.

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