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2018 Vancouver International Children's Festival: Les Parfaits Inconnus

Monday, May 28 - Sunday, June 3, 2018

Genre: Circus
Show length: 50 minutes
Ages: All ages 
Venue: Granville Island Stage

Please note the language as some performances are in French

Is it a rock concert? Is it a clown show? Is it a circus? No, it’s all three! Armed with a bicycle, balls, a table, a barrel and a board, 6 totally outrageous characters are let loose on the stage. The stakes get higher as each tries to out-prank the other with greater and more daring stunts and off-the-wall antics. Don’t miss this playful extravaganza of circus, music, theatre, and comedy all rolled into one spectacular show! Laughter and thrills guaranteed!

Est-ce un concert de rock ? un spectacle de clowns ? du cirque ? Non, c’est une combinaison des trois ! Armés d’un vélo, de balles, d’une table, d’un baril et d’une planche, six personnages déjantés se retrouvent sur scène. Dans une atmosphère burlesque, ils se jouent des tours plus abracadabrants les uns que les autres, osants des farces de plus en plus risquées. Ne manquez pas cette production extravagante qui combine cirque, musique, théâtre et comédie. 

A live music experience is much louder and very different than hearing recorded songs at home. While all ages are welcome, a loud concert, singalong or drumming may be frightening to some. Please use your own discretion when making your show selection.

Adult $22.00
+ ($1.10 GST + $2.25 S/C)

Child $12.50
+ ($0.63 GST + $2.25 S/C)

Senior $12.50
+ ($0.63 GST + $2.25 S/C)

Tickets include 1 performance and 1 activity village wristband

Festival 4-Pack $58.00
 + ($2.90 GST + $9 S/C)

4 tickets to 1 performance & 4 activity village wristbands

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